December 09, 2014

A lot of dirty cheap fifa coins officials ignored

First half and Uruguay, a lot of dirty cheap fifa coins officials ignored. In the second half, Marchisio got a ridiculous red card, which is not only wrong, it is simply hard to believe that. Since then, Suarez's bite has escaped punishment from the referee.

Since the latter elected FIFA President since 1998, has been in football within the entrenched forces, but Britons hoping to pounce on the bid election. In addition, the FIFA Executive Committee will be held in March next year, system is expected to enter the World Cup bid voting reform agenda, the goal is to change back to 1983 before each country has one vote voting patterns United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced the day before yesterday they are FIFA-bribery-related programmes are based, is justice. Despite some people think is this program only let England and 2018 World Cup of hosted right pass BBC of one called mark. Thompson of led believes BBC of did is completely right of, despite this program on in FIFA decided World Cup hosted right belongs of three days zhiqian premiered BBC in program in the to FIFA of 22 bit Executive proposed has four items requirements, this directly angered has FIFA President Blatter, Blatter in voting Qian to members representative speech, said BBC is " A very bad media ", which led directly to the first round of voting in England only won 22 votes, two votes and were eliminated in the first round of members of the tragedy, Thompson told BBC television, the company has a" right "on the show broadcast on" public interest "and" public concern "the true picture of events.

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