December 11, 2014

Brazil telecommunications authority this fifa coins month

Brazil telecommunications authority this fifa coins month announced began for 2.5GHz band telecommunications service of operators tender work, bids date set in this year June mid-, this a moves marks Brazil in national range within construction 4G network of strategy opened prelude the country will in future years points multiple steps completed 4G network covered: first in next year achieved 4 seat FIFA Federation Cup hosted city of 4G network laying, then in World Cup years will 4G promotion to all 12 seat World Cup hosted city, zhihou again by from big to small of order gradually extended to other small city, until 2019 achieved all town of network 4G of. Bureau hopes much of the country will be able to use data transfer speeds 10 times faster than 3G times 4G network and higher quality voice calls. In addition, the Bureau will be in the form of an executive order bundled together the rural network and 4G network tender Brazil at the beginning of construction information on country roads and blocked faster.

At the request of Team Manager, Kawasaki players fifadelivery returned to the site to thank Kawasaki fans from afar. Kawasaki players on the sidelines have also attracted the ridicule of tide fans, but he apparently did not control their emotions, runaway Jong started provoking tide fans. Jong Tae-se first put his hand on his ear, listening to tide fans sound movement.

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